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Massage Therapy:  

These luxurious treatments will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. We offer many different massage therapy services to fit individual needs. Promote healthier circulation, reduce stress, calm the mind, and improved overall health.  100% of essential oils are extracted from natural, wild-crafted and organically grown flowers, leaves, bark, and berries.

Custom blend massage using aromatic massage oil that is 100% organic to nourish and sooth the skin as well as grape seed oil odorless and rich in antioxidants helps tone and detoxify the skin

Our Massage Therapists specialize in all aspects of massage therapy from relaxation to deep tissue & energy and healing.  You will love our diverse team of massage therapists.  Schedule your massage today!! 

Traditional Swedish Massage

A relaxation based massage using light to medium pressure, relieving muscle tension and leaving the body feeling rested and relaxed.  Not only are the physical effects soothing, but massage increases the release of endorphins and reduces the level of stress hormones, enhancing your general sense of well-being.  The Selection of an essential oil fragrance to be used during the treatment is also offered. 

  • 30 min: $45
  • 60 min: $80
  • 90 min: $100

Deep Tissue Massage (Sport)

A much slower, specific massage targeting areas of chronic  tension or "knots", resulting in pain relief and increased range of motion.  Deep tissue massage is applied to both the superficial and deep layer of muscles, fascia, and other structures.  The sessions are often quite intense as a result of deliberate, focused work.  This massage is performed to address a specific complaint. 

  • 30 min: $50
  • 60 min: $90
  • 90 min: $110

Reflexology Treatment

An Ancient practice that focuses pressure on the reflex points of the feet which correspond with muscles, organs, and glands throughout the body.  This treatment addresses the most overworked and unappreciated part of your body.  Complimented by an in depth post session assessment, this service is a fantastic addition to your holistic health regimen.  

  • 30 min: $45
  • 60 min: $80

Expecting Mother Massage

  • 60 min: $85

Body Facial Massage Aromatherapy

  • 30 min: $48
  • 60 min: $95

Add Hot Stone to any massage for: $20