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360 Confidence Total Makeover


Price: $997 $798! Holiday Special - get 20% OFF and pay only $798 for a LIMITED TIME! Call at (412)-281-2209 to purchase at this special price!

 Payment Plans Available For This Program! Call for details.  (Payment Plan: $249.25 Down Payment and 3 additional payments of $249.25 every two weeks after your program starts!)

What if you felt strong and confident and beautiful -- all the time?

What a revolutionary idea!

Welcome to Jacqueline's signature 3-month Confidence Coaching Program, designed for you to look and feel like your most authentic, gorgeous Self!

This is a 7-module program focuses of 4 pillars of confidence : beauty, wellness, fashion and inspiration.

In each of these pillars, we will work together to explore your inner voice, discover your true essence, and unleash your unique beauty. But we will also dig deeper into self-love and having the courage to be your authentic self. No more hiding out or being what other people want you to be; you will feel inspired to bravely BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE so you can fulfill your purpose on a greater scale.

We have a proven method we use with our Wheel of Confidence that will transform your self-image, self-talk and self-esteem! 

You'll get a personal cheerleader/coach, get your mojo back, instantly boost your confidence, learn the best ways to do your makeup to feel more confident, and so much more!

This program is tailored to each individual woman and rooted in a community of 400+ women looking to uplift and encourage one another.

My dear friend, you do so much for everyone else, you deserve A 360 CONFIDENCE TOTAL MAKEOVER.

If you have any questions about my program or methods or want to talk about financing, I'd love to talk to you. Reach out to [email protected] I am so excited to see your transformation!

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