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360 Total Confidence Salon Membership Program


3 Months of community and conversation, tutorials, 1:1 consultations, giveaways, inspiration and more!

5 Elements to Embrace Confidence in how we create and understand the Wheel of You. Get to know yourself better in every section.

1 you. This program is all about you who have lost your self-confidence. You who take care of others first. I see you. I was you. I am here for you!


Simple, sustainable strategies to transform your self-esteem
with a
community of women
who l
ift each other up and share dreams.


The 360 Confidence Ultimate Makeover is a 3 Month Program in which you'll experience total transformation, inside and out.

You’ll get an ultimate makeover using my wheel of confidence, so you feel self-love, recognize your strength, have an exciting NEW image and feel beautiful inside and out.

We have designed the complete package based on inspiration, wellness, beauty, professional image, meditation, best hair and skin care practices and more. 

Our individualized program based on 5 Elements to Embrace Confidence. Within each element, there are 4 pillars that will help you to dive deeper into your mind, your reasoning, your struggles and your core identity.

We have a proven, simple formula for achieving a total confidence makeover. Before feeling our best, we need to figure out the things that are holding us back. You might not even realize this, but humans use this formula constantly when tackling  challenges: Prep, Practice, Take Action, Analyze and Results.

2. Practice
3. Take Action


I can help you create that bridge between self-doubt and self-love. It's all about respecting yourself, developing sustainable goals, and learning to honor your identity. I'll be on the road right beside you cheering you on the whole time! We all have up and down days.
When you join us, you'll discover the essence of who you really are, get clarity as to why you may fall into certain destructive patterns, and learn strategies to help you look and feel your best.